Here we are.. already February of 2016!

The team at Century 21 Ballena Properties, who cover the entire Ballena coast, kicked off 2016 with a BANG, and we are ready to keep that ball rolling!

We have experienced a busy “high” season so far, with a number of visitors to the area looking at properties, taking interest and making offers. The sales are happening!

It is still a buyer’s market, and for how much longer, is something we cannot predict.

 We have a number of great properties for you! Our inventory is large and varied! 

With building Lots starting at $11,000 and homes from the $100,000 price point and up. Our inventory also consists of hotel properties, varied business enterprises, small and large farms, development land and new condos. 

Any of these opportunities could be perfect for YOU!

Ask yourself these questions.

What might your piece of paradise look like?

What do you want your lifestyle to be like? 

What would you like to wake up to each morning? What Sounds? What views?

When you are in your “paradise”, do you want to be part of an active, friendly, and growing community?

Do you want to make a difference in the community, where your support makes a difference to your neighbors and the families that live here?

How about the weather? Do you want to be warm – all year long, swim in warm ocean waters or bask in the sun on a number of great beaches?

Your answers to these questions are your own, and if any of them move you in a positive direction and make you feel good, then just maybe you will have discovered what your life and your piece of paradise looks like.

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Happy New Year! May all your dreams be realized in 2017!

The High Season is full on here in Costa Rica. We are seeing a lot of tourists in the area…. The village is very busy!  Lots of tourists means increased sales in the following year!

News from Ojochal:

  • We have a new restaurant, across from the CENTURY 21 office, on the highway. It is called Fusion! The food is awesome, with good prices! 
  • We now have a professional travel consultant and a tourist Center located in our CENTURY 21 office. For all your tours, and activities! 
  • Playa Ventanas has much better access to our favorite beach. Parking is closer to the beach and guards ensure that your things are safe. 
  • The weekly garbage pickup and recycling has been a long sought after event! We are so happy to see that truck go through the village every Saturday, picking up our garbage and once a month to pick up recycles!! 
  • Ojochal received it’s first Blue Flag in 2016; and has completed the work plan to get the second star in 2017! Ojochal is one of the few villages in Costa Rica with the prestigious flag! See it flying at the entrance to Ojochal!  Proof of how awesome this village is. 
  • The Ojochal Community Food bank / Family Resource center continues to support families in need or crisis! For more information, to donate or support, go to their Facebook page: 

Currently, we have a large inventory of “Lots” for sale; and many of these properties are selling for less than the asking or original purchase price.

Sellers who own a “Lot” may want to consider a compromise or option, to allow for a healthier return on your investment. The demand for houses listed under $350,000 is soaring and this has created a realistic shortage of quality inventory in this price range.

Our Ballena Homes home construction management group could work with you, to provide a solution to both of these problems!

Building a reasonably priced home on your “Lot” will not only increase the chance of selling your property faster, it will add tangible value; because the house could also become a source of income to potential buyers, within the local rental market.

We are currently selling house packages for under $95.00 per square foot, depending on design and finishing.

Ask our team of specialists for more details; we have plans and prices that could fit your budget; and give you a better return on your investment!

The Ballena Homes Team works in partnership with a team of architects, designers, engineers, home construction specialists and infrastructure providers to deliver a complete range of professional services to our customers.

Concept to Completion!

Ballena Homes will manage each step of the process.

Pura Vida? Literally, the expression “pura vida” means “pure life.”

It describes a peaceful, tranquil and free-from-impurities existence. For the Costa Ricans, the phrase “pura vida” means much more: It has become the popular but unofficial national motto. This motto is associated with all Costa Ricans world-wide.

Where did the phrase “pura vida” come from?

Costa Ricans started using the expression “pura vida” after the premier of a movie called “Pura Vida” in 1956. This expression gained popularity in the ’70s, because the words conveyed the states of happiness, peace, and tranquility which were, and still are, symbols of the liberty brought on by the country’s political stability.  Remember, Costa Rica abolished its army and navy in 1948, and the thought of war is just not a part of their mentality.

The popular expression is used by Costa Rica and by Costa Ricans around the world to remember their beloved native country. The expression is used informally, with various meanings, depending on how it is used. It could be a greeting, a way of saying goodbye, or a show of appreciation for a person, object, or situation. Sometimes it’s like saying “Everything’s all right,” or “No need to worry” or “It’s a beautiful day and life is good.”

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Why Do People Move to Costa Rica?

It is interesting to talk to expats who now live in the area, and hear what motivated them to make the move to Costa Rica. They come from all over the world. Some of the countries represented in Ojochal and area are: United States, Canada, Poland, Czech Republic, England, Germany, France, Belgium, South Africa, Ireland and the Netherlands. No two people have the same story; but there are some recurring themes woven into most conversations. 

People from cold climates like the fact they no longer have to endure cold and snowy winters. Costa Rica is 8 to 12 degrees north of the Equator, in the Tropic of Cancer; so the climate is tropical year around. 

The overall cost of living makes it possible to stretch your retirement dollars further. Studies report that it can be up to 40% less expensive than living in North America (depending on where you come from and your lifestyle choices). 

However, just like anywhere, your budget will depend upon your personal choices. A delicious way to reap the benefits of the lower cost of living is to buy local fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and meat. You can enjoy local cuisine at many “sodas” – small restaurants; where a full meal – “a casado”will cost between $3 and $6. Services such as gardeners and housekeepers are inexpensive.  Learn to shop where the “locals” shop, grow your own bananas, pineapples, herbs, etc. 

Reputable health care is available at a reasonable cost.  Private healthcare insurance is an option that works well for some expats.  Rates vary based on age and general health status. While it is best to do your own research to determine your specific rate, a rule of thumb would be that a healthy retiree could expect to pay around $100 per month for private insurance. Expats who become Costa Rica residents are covered under the public healthcare system (CAJA) which has a reasonable rate that is calculated on a sliding scale. And there is always the option of simply paying for services when needed – you may be surprised at how inexpensive basic care can be. A visit to a Dr. is around $45, a complete blood analysis is $120.00. Dental cleaning is around $50.00. 

While we are on the subject of health care it is interesting to note that Costa Rica is often ranked in the top of the World Health Organization’s list of countries in the world, with long life expectancies. The tropical climate, slower paced lifestyle and access to healthy foods are cited as factors. Maybe just living in Costa Rica is a form of health care! I know we are healthier since moving to Costa Rica! 

Ojochal, The Ballena Coast and the surrounding area is popular because it is where the mountains meet the sea. Looking from a distance, the Talamanca Mountains appear to rise up out of the sea. However; there is property in between offering amazing home settings, where you look to the sea from one side of your house and at the ever-changing mountains from the other.  It is also the gateway to the “Osa Peninsula”, which is reputed to be the most bio-diverse place on the planet.

There is an interesting statistic that immigrants make up approximately 10% of Costa Rica’s population.  However, only 3% of native Costa Ricans have immigrated to other countries.  This suggests that the majority of Costa Ricans are content right here. What a good advertisement that is for people considering moving to Costa Rica!

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